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Hi Everyone!! We are pretty excited about our first blog post! Hope you all enjoy it! 

This Cherry Pie Wedge has been a long time coming and when The National Centre for Craft & Design said they would like to have a few pieces in their next art gallery exhibit, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I posted this idea a while back on Instagram and was so excited to get to work on it. With so many custom orders for weddings, birthdays etc. it's hard to find the time to sit down and take a minute to think up new ideas and the process of how a shoe is going to come together. Since the event was approaching quickly, I had to design something fast and sometimes the pressure makes you come up with your best material.

First I designed this sketch but I added a few other things to it. 

I felt wedges are great to work with because you have so much room to be creative.


Then it was figuring out what material to use to get the texture and look that I wanted. Here's a few stages of the shoes from start to almost finished.

The last picture I was actually going to leave it how it was but I thought it was missing something and wasn't quite done. I wanted something more so the cherries would look realistic so I added depth to them where it would be 3D and this is what I got. I also added crust in between the wedge heel and the shoe to divide the two and visually I thought it made sense. 




It was challenging to create a design that looks edible and placement of everything makes sense but I felt I was able to convey that through this piece where you get it right away. We do hope to make something similar to this where everyone can be able to enjoy it and add it to their own collection.

A surprise addition to the exhibit was a bag I also been wanting to do for a art show. The theme behind this bag was Victorian Architecture. Whenever I see Victorian Architecture, I always think of icing. I've done icing designs on bags but never for resale. We wanted to test it out first on the durability and it actually did very well so we might make a few bags with designs on them. Here's one I did for the Wifey with icing design on the flap to test it out on our trip to New York. 


When you try to be like Instagram couple @muradosmann at Times Square. 

Now back to the other bag. Here is a picture below of the sketch and the finish product. 





Hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes action. Stay tune we will be doing more blog post in the future. 

Make sure if you're in the UK area to visit The National Centre for Craft & Design. They have a lot of other awesome artist there. https://www.facebook.com/NationalCraftandDesign/

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Katina David
Katina David

June 12, 2018

I love the pie wedge and the 2 bag designs!! I saw your shoes on Facebook and they are all absolutely beautiful!! I will definitely be ordering a pair in the near future. Ifyou decide to produce that beautiful purple and white bag for sale I would be very interested! You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing!

Veronica Sanchez
Veronica Sanchez

June 12, 2018

Amazing artwork!!! Very creative. Congratulations!!!!

<3 <3 <3

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