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June 18, 2019

Just in time for summer, you can create the ultimate bag that suits your taste without the added sugar!

The new Bake-A-Bag Collection allows you to customize everything in your bag, from the flap design to the cardholder and even the strap. Pick your favorite flavor and toppings for this daringly delicious combination.

How to Bake A Bag

We walk you through the process step-by-step in creating your bag. Choose your bag size, flap flavors, toppings, strap, and charms to make your bag pop. Stand out with your style and don’t hold back!

To complete the bag, keep your business cards and credit cards safe in a customized cardholder, also available in various flavors.

Here’s a quick look at your Bake-A-Bag menu:

  • Bake-a-Small Bag – 9"L X 6"H X 2"D
  • Bake-a-Large Bag – 10"L X 7.5"H X 3.5"D
  • Red velvet, coffee, peanut butter, waffle cone flavors (and more!)
  • It’s My Birthday, watermelon, sprinkles, macaron toppings
  • Optional strap with extra toppings (sprinkled straps with a hint of flavors or macarons)
  • Charms: bubblegum, lavender, magenta cherry, strawberry light ice cream
  • Optional cardholder with special flavor options

Swap your flavors

We make it easy for you to mix and match your bag, so you have the flexibility of changing up your style!

If you’re ready for a new flavor, just pick out a new ice cream charm, flap, or sprinkle strap, and swap out the previous bag flavors.

You don’t need a reason to change your flavor. Your bag reflects your creativity. Lean into your creative side to express your personality. 

If you have an idea you think might just be too crazy, go for it! We’ll show you a preview of your bag before you check out so you can decide if you need to tweak a flavor before our crew bakes your bag.

Customize Shoe Bakery Heels with Bake-A-Shoe



Charcoal and chocolate and mint, oh my! We were just warming you up with the Bake-A-Bag Collection because your new Bake-A-Shoe Collection is the real icing on top.

Carefully crafted by our master maker, each wearable work of art is made to order.

Similar to the Bake-A-Bag Collection, you’ll select your ice cream (the shoe base), your sprinkles (everything from hot pink to mint to rainbow!), syrup drizzled on top with sprinkles (colors galore from hot pink to mint to rainbow!), a touch of whipped cream with a literal cherry on top, and, of course, your waffle cone flavor (the heel!).

The waffle cone serves as the wedge or stiletto heel, ranging from heights of 2.5” to 4” and 5.5”. Everyone from the avid bakery to the serial cookie creator can find a heel height and design that best suits their needs.

Bags your way: Fresh Out the Oven

Once you complete your design, we’ll ship your goodies with a certified Shoe Bakery Fresh Out the Oven box!

You know we’ve been using the term “Fresh Out the Oven” for a long time now, but we want this customization to be an experience for you from the time you craft your design, to the time you receive your special treat in the mail.

Unboxing should be just as fun as ordering, right? Looks like you can have your cake and wear it too!

What’s your favorite Bake-A-Bag and Bake-A-Shoe creation?

Bakers, show us your creativity!

Share your favorite Bake-A-Bag or Bake-A-Shoe combination and tag us in your social media photos with #shoebakery, #bakeabag, and #bakeashoe. We’d love to see your creations, fresh out the often!

Stay tuned for future flavor releases and contact us with your feedback! We love hearing from you.

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