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About Us

Irresistible. Indulgent. Decadent.

These are often words that come to mind when we think of a delicious dessert - perhaps a creamy, melting hot fudge sundae, or a vanilla cupcake with frosting swirled to the ceiling. There are some sweet treats in life we simply can’t resist, and sometimes it’s because they are as beautiful and eye-catching as they are delicious.

That’s the inspiration behind Shoe Bakery - sweet treats for your feet. We take indulgence and decadence to a whole new level, creating one-of-a-kind, handmade shoes that will surely bring out your sweet side.

With wearable pastries for your feet, Shoe Bakery strives to make life a little sweeter, a little more colorful, and to bring a new sense of style and whimsy to the world of women’s shoes. After all, there is nothing sexier than a sleek high heel - except, perhaps, if it’s covered in ‘melted’ ice cream.

Aside from our shop, we also create custom shoes for events, private orders, etc. Shoe Bakery definitely thinks ‘out of the box’, so if you have a special request, feel free to let us know - we’ll be happy to work with you!

Please, take a look around, learn a bit more about us, and shop our collections or contact us about a private order.

About the Artist

Chris Campbell is the head artist and ‘baker’ behind Shoe Bakery, mixing a lifelong passion for sweets and desserts with a love of shoes and style. From concept to the final product, Chris takes a completely hands-on approach with every pair of shoes to make them as sweet and unique as possible.

Chris’ passion for these one-of-a-kind works of art was contagious enough for his wife to join him on this adventure, and the two run Shoe Bakery together as a truly family affair of style.

The mission for Chris to put so much time and detail into each and every pair of shoes is simple, and he states, “I feel that every woman deserves to feel special, and not have the same shoes that someone else does.” The amount of intricacies put into each item reflect the artistry and passion behind them. From cupcakes and ice cream, to donuts and cinnamon buns, Chris shows no sign of slowing down his confectionary footwear, and with his wife adding her talents to Shoe Bakery, the shoes, handbags, and more, will only keep getting sweeter.