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April 19, 2024

Are you a breakfast aficionado with a penchant for quirky accessories? Whether you’re an early bird who loves your coffee strong and your breakfast sweet, or a fashionista looking for the next fun addition to your wardrobe, we’ve baked up a menu of accessories that are sure to delight any breakfast lover. Here's a rundown of the five must-have items from our latest collection:

  1. Mini Teal Waffle Backpack
    Imagine carrying a scrumptious giant waffle on your back, complete with oozing syrup and a pat of butter melting right on top. Our new Waffle Print Backpack does just that! Edged with a stylish teal trim, this backpack isn’t just a fashion statement—it’s a declaration of your love for all things breakfast. Perfect for students, commuters, and whimsical adventurers alike, it’s spacious, unique, and sure to turn heads. 

  2. Bacon and Egg Crossbody Bag
    No breakfast is complete without the classic combo of bacon and eggs. This Bacon and Egg Crossbody Bag celebrates the most important meal of the day with a deliciously designed print. Versatile in design, you can wear it as a wristlet for a night out or swing it across your body for a hands-free day around town. It’s not just a bag; it’s a way to carry your breakfast passion with you all day long!

  3. Love You Latte Slip-Ons
    For the latte lovers, stepping into comfort never looked so appetizing. Our Latte Print Women’s Slip-Ons are perfect for those casual days out or a cozy coffee run. With the print adorning the front toe and cascading around the sides and back, these shoes broadcast your coffee devotion. Plus, they're as comfortable as they are stylish, ensuring you can keep up with your busiest days.

  4. Latte-Themed Phone Cases
    Why not dress your phone in your favorite beverage? Our latte-themed phone cases come in two flavors: matcha and traditional brown latte. Not only do they look yummy, but they offer your phone the protection it needs from daily bumps and drops. It’s the perfect accessory for any latte lover who wants to keep their tech as trendy as their taste in drinks.

  5. Wild Berry Toaster Pastry Wallet
    Every transaction is a chance to showcase your style, so why not make it fun? Our Wild Berry Toaster Pastry Wallet is a playful pick that combines practicality with personality. The colorful, detailed design mimics a beloved breakfast treat, complete with a frosted finish and sprinkle details. It’s compact, yet spacious enough to hold your cards and cash—and guaranteed to bring a smile every time you zip it open.

From the first sip of your morning coffee to your stylishly accessorized commute, our collection is here to celebrate the joy of breakfast with you. Treat yourself to these must-have accessories and let your breakfast-loving flag fly high!

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