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August 02, 2019 2 Comments

A classic treat that serves up a cross between a sandwich, and some delicious ice cream filling. What is it? The ice cream sandwich!

With so many celebratory “National” days, August 2 marks an especially enticing reason to treat yourself: it’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! We invite you to celebrate with our creatively-crafted Ice Cream Sandwich collection.

Loving ice cream sandwiches from the start

As you know, our whole line of shoes, bags, and other accessories revolves around cake and ice cream. We were trying to figure out what we would bake next for you to fall in love with, and we instantly thought of the Ice Cream Sandwich Bag!

The ice cream sandwich was one of our favorite treats growing up. We thought the design would be simple enough to put together for you to enjoy.

Creating the Shoe Bakery Ice Cream Sandwich Collection

Once we had the idea, the next step was trying to explain the concept to our manufacturer and how to make the Ice Cream Sandwich Bags look and almost feel like an ice cream sandwich. After months of communication and a few samples, we finally reached a point where we loved the design, texture and feel of the Bag.

We love putting a twist on the inside of our bags, so we even lined the inside with pastel sprinkles on a chocolate background. We also added a new feature to our Ice Cream Sandwich collection: an invisible zipper to keep the design sweet and stylish.

We're super excited with this bag’s design, especially with the texture resembling the feel of the actual ice cream sandwich. These bags look good enough to eat!

Enjoying the collection: delicious, spacious, and stylish

Ice Cream Sandwich card holders, wallets, and bags await your freezer – ahem, closet. Our Ice Cream Sandwich Bags are available in Vanilla and in Neapolitan ice cream, a childhood favorite.

A blend of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream filling brings your favorite ice cream flavors to life with the three-flavored feature, filled with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles inside the bag.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Bag is cute, classy, and comfortable. Switch up your look by attaching a different bag strap from our Sprinkle Strap collection! Decorate your bag with macarons, lavender sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, and vanilla sprinkles on the Sprinkle Strap.

Filling the Ice Cream Sandwich Bag

Inside the Ice Cream Sandwich Wallet and the Ice Cream Sandwich Card Holder are the perfect bite-sized additions to complete your look!

Both the wallet and the card holder look like a chocolate ice cream sandwich on the outside with vanilla filling and a dash of lavender on the inside. We’re always designing new treats fresh out the oven for you to adore.


Keep an eye out for more flavors and sprinkle bags for the Ice Cream Sandwich Bag collection!

We want to hear from you!

What’s your favorite flavor from the Ice Cream Sandwich collection? How will you celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day? Let us know in the comments below!


2 Responses

Andrea Perkins
Andrea Perkins

November 24, 2019

I really liked the Neapolitan ice cream sandwich purse but was waiting for it to go on sale but sold out so I missed out. Will you be making any more of them and, if so, when will they be available?

Xochil Gutierrez
Xochil Gutierrez

August 02, 2019

Will you be making a ice cream clutch?

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