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March 29, 2019 3 Comments

We’re so excited to share our newest treats for your feet: Unicorn Cake Booties! Thanks to your feedback and our dedicated design work, we created a brand-new experience for you and the little one in your life.

Unicorn Cake Booties: Fun fashion fit for any age

These majestic ankle boots were created with every woman and every girl in mind. One of the definitions of a unicorn is “something unusual, rare, or unique” – just like you.

These creative confections are served in both black and white. Choose the pair that would look best with your personal wardrobe. Why not get both colors to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Our Unicorn Cake Booties were a long time coming. The demand was so high for our handmade shoes that now we’re able to manufacture these sweets for your taste buds.

We sculpted these Unicorn Cake Booties for everyone, from the adorable matching mother and daughter duo to the girl who wants to feel spunky with her favorite magical creature by her side.

Handpicked sizes and styles

The girls’ Unicorn Cake Booties boasts a thick, 0.5 inch-heel, and the women’s booties include a 2.5-inch heel. Easily slip the shoes on and off using the zipper closure on each side.

Both colors – black and white – contain special unicorn details fit for a queen and a princess. A winking unicorn with the iconic golden horn, pastel pastry petals, and icing all top off the Unicorn Cake Booties.

These cuties are available in Kids’ Sizes 13 – 5, ideal for girls 5-8 years old, and Women’s Sizes 5 - 12.

Sisterly love: Behind-the-scenes of our magical photo shoot

Our lovely boot models, the daughters of Unicorn Mommy LaTonia, had no ideathey were going to taste-test our Unicorn Cake Booties and Bags. The girls were completely surprised!

LaTonia shared with us how much her daughters love unicorns. We knew we wanted to do something special, so we gave the ladies matching Unicorn Cake Booties and Unicorn Cake Bags to complete the outfit.

LaTonia’s oldest daughter, Emoni, flaunted her Unicorn Cake Backpack while Emoni's younger sister, Eiyana adored her Unicorn Cake Cardholder. The girls stood toe-to-toe in harmony for their special photo shoot.

Can’t get enough of our Unicorn Cake Booties? We’ve prepared more matching items on the menu!

If you still can’t get enough of our Unicorn Cake Booties, indulge in our other Unicorn Cake delectables!

We’ve got you covered – literally – with our pastel Unicorn Cake phone cases. For our mammas, try a fitted “Unicorn Mommy” shirt and a Unicorn Cake Face baby bib to sprinkle love for your little one.

If you’re hooked on unicorns, loop your keys on a Unicorn Cake Bag Keychain, and keep your business and credit cards in one stylish place with a Unicorn Cake Cardholder.

What’s the icing on top? Our Unicorn Cake Bags. You’ll love to wear this versatile bag as a backpack, tote, or even a cross-body!

All of our Unicorn Cake fashion fare looks great with any outfit thanks to its signature golden horn, golden eyelashes, and pastel flower garden.

Show us your shoes!

We can’t wait to see you in your own delicious pair of Unicorn Cake Booties!

Share your comments below and tag us in your social media photos with #shoebakery and #unicorncake.

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Chandra L. Brown
Chandra L. Brown

December 07, 2023

Let me see more.

Chandra L. Brown
Chandra L. Brown

December 07, 2023

I Love what you do

Chandra L. Brown
Chandra L. Brown

December 07, 2023

I love your shoes. I looking forward to
buying at least two pair.

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